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Meat Locker

Meat Selections:

Veal Petite Oso
Brisket (uncured)
Top Sirloin Steak
Kobe Style Tri-Tip
Ground Round
New York Strip
Rib-Eye Bone In & Boneless
Top Block
Wagyu Beefs Ribs
Hanging Tenders
Flat Iron
Ground Elk
Culotte Steak
T-Bone Steak
Filet Mignon
Sweet Breads
Ground Venison

Chicken, Duck & Turkey Selections:

Whole Natural Free Range Chicken
Whole Natural Duck
Cornish Game Hens
Chicken Sausage Chorizo
Maple Leaf Farms Duck Breast
Rev. 3/2015

Woody's Signature Selections:

Caprese SausagesOur all pork sausage links include Sun dried Tomatoes, fresh Basil, Mozzarella and Red Wine.

Santa Maria StyleOur sausage contains beef and bacon, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Cilantro, onion, Serrano (chili) and Beer

Raspberry HabaneroOur all pork sausage links has fresh spicy Habanero, muddled Raspberries, sugar and Chambord (Raspberry Liquor)

Blackened BleuPremium Ground Steak, Balsamic Onions, Bleu Cheese & Blackened Spices

Chili Verde
Our all pork sausage links include Salsa Verde, Garlic and Serrano

Spicy Italian - Our pork sausage links is mixed with delicious Red Wine and our special blend of Signature Spices.

Beer Brat - Our Premium Pork sausage links include Woody's Signature Spices and Domestic Beer.

Our signature sausages are made in-house & fresh every Thursday. Selection varies by type of meat availability. 

Other in-house Selections:
Kobe Beef Gourmet Frankfurters

Ask about our Dinner Bundles and Party Trays for any occasion.
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Pork & Lamb Selections:

Whole Pork Loin
Pork Chop's (Boneless)
Prime Rib
Loin Back Rib
Crown Roast
Colorado Spring Lamb (rack)
Texas Smoked Bacon
Applewood Smoked Bacon

Seafood Selections:

Salmon Filet
Lobster Tail
Mahi Mahi
Ahi Tuna
Scallops (U15)
Tiger shrimp (U12)

Woody's Signature Brand Jerky:

Juan Spice Too Many Beef Jerky 
Woody's Original Beef Jerky
Airborne Heat Beef Jerky

Tim Woodbury, Head Honcho
Woody's Butcher Block
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Santa Maria, Calif. 93454
(805) 354-0213
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